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Designed by riders for riders.

SPYKE grew from a leather workshop into one of the biggest motorcycle brands in the world, winning multiple world championships with sponsored riders along the way.

Our motorcycle leather suits are made from cutting-edge materials with the characteristics of lightness, comfort, abrasion resistance and low heat conductivity. Form and function go hand-in-hand with SPYKE. Sexy Italian style complete with innovative safety features are boasted in every single product. Spyke is a name recognised on the racetrack and the one to be seen wearing on the street.


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SPYKE ranges from 1&2pc racing suits, through
textile Airflow and Touring jackets till a stylish offer of our Contemporary line.

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Race Collection

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Motorcycles are a Life Style. Either you love them or hate.

At SPYKE we really do love them!

That is why we put our passion since many years into all our products.

Check out a part of our 40 years history!

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