Ville 2 Dry Tecno Man

Każdy moment jest dobry, aby rozpocząć przygodę z jazdą.

Wysoki poziom komfortu i dobre dopasowanie dzięki elastycznym wstawkom na nadgarstku. Wzmocnienia na wewnętrznej części dłoni zapewniają najlepszą przyczepność.

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Ville 2 Dry Tecno Man

Poliamid, membrana, wyściółka

  • Regulowane zapięcie na nadgarstku na rzep.
  • Elastyczne wstawki na nadgarstku.
  • Wzmocnienia dla lepszego chwytu manetek.


Dry Tecno is a technology used by Spyke to protect the rider from rain and wind. The polyurethan resin membrane (PU), having a unique structure especially created to be used on the bike, which absorbs and drives out sweat but remains waterproof, ensures maximum protection from external elements.
The unique construction of the garments with Drytecno technology creates a wide dry air volume
between body and waterproof barrer, strongly reducing the risk of condensation from excessive
sweat and contributes to keep constant the skin temperature (eliminating the heat dispersion through
direct conduction body-lining-water).


Spyke Thermal clothing offers warmth and comfort without adding weight. Lightness and freedom of movement are the key features of the products having the Thermal insulation technology, which, thanks to special paddings, grant a high resistance and a huge breathability, without absorbing water or humidity. The low heat transmission coefficient allows retaining temperature heath with even better features than wool.

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